Birthday Party

Come Celebrate with us Today!

We offer Saturdays and Sundays.
Party Times: We are flexible.
Party Packages: Kinder and Toddler

1 hour and 30 min FUN time!

What your Party Includes:

1 hr Gymnastics FUN led by Professionals

  • Extra instructor for the party more than 12 kids: FREE!
  • Inflatable bouncer: FREE!
  • Full range of gymnastics equipment
  • 42'x42' gymnastics spring floor
  • 35' tumble trak and rock-climbing wall
  • Large in-ground foam pit (children's FAVORITE!)
  • Parachute Games and Relay Races
  • Plenty of room and time for everything!

30 min Celebration in the party area

Birthday Party Guidelines:

  1. 10-minute setup time is permitted prior to scheduled party time.
  2. Proper attire is required (i.e. no jeans or dresses).
  3. Only bare feet permitted on gym floor.
  4. No food or drinks on the gym floor.
  5. No gum while in the gym.
  6. Children are not allowed near/on equipment without a teacher.
  7. Parents are welcome on the floor (please no shoes).
  8. Please leave party area clean and on time.
  9. Please take all balloons home with you!

**No high level gymnastics involved encouraging all children to participate.**

Contact us for more information.